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Fair Board Members Recognized for Years of Service

By: Marla Behrends

Twenty-two fair board members were recognized for their continued years of service to their fairs at the County Fair Day luncheon.

Recognized for 20 years:

Robert Scherer and Mike Munday-Boone County Fair, Kevin Kampwerth and Ron Zurliene- Clinton County Fair, Harold Dannewitz and Mathew Wilson- Sandwich Fair, Milton Daleber, Georgetown Agricultural Fair, Larry Kuehn-Marshall-Putnam Fair, Tom Blogg and Warren Asbrand-Will County Fair.

Recognized for 30 years:
Michael Isaak and Greg Rehkemper- Clinton County Fair, Karol Bundy, Tom Anderson, Mike Drendel- Kendall County Fair, JoVonna Kocher-Marshall-Putnam Fair, Tom Flitz - Montgomery County Fair and Ag Association.

Recognized for 40 years:
Richard Kuiken Ė Clinton County Fair, Wiley Updike-Sandwich Fair , Richard Woodcock-Monroe County Fair

Recognized for 50 years:
Recognized for 50 years of service was Cliff Huddleson from the Georgetown Agricultural Fair.

Recognized for 60 years:
Clarence Krebs of the Clinton County Fair was recognized for serving 60 years on the Clinton County Fair.

Thank you to all of you, for all of the hours and years of service to the county fairs in Illinois.
We know that a lot of fairs didnít send any names in this year. We want to continually recognize these outstanding board members so please try to send them in to be recognized next year.

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